Dedicated offshore marketing assistants: Trained, managed, and supported by US-based agency experts for $12/hr

We place a trained marketing assistant on your team, manage and support them so you don’t have to, and back everything up with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Traditional offshore staffing agencies and freelancer sites are great in theory, but they’re basically a crapshoot. Ja feel?

Now, this isn't to say that they can’t be extremely valuable to an agency owner in need of extra help. There are some GREAT people available for hire through these platforms.

But frankly, there’s also a lot of risk involved with sourcing affordable staffing from these “big pools” of workers. For every success story, you can find several horror stories like:

Subpar work and sluggish turnaround times

Lack of personal responsibility and accountability

Hourly rates/extra fees that promise high quality (but don’t live up to the hype)

Zero external support to help you get your new hires up to speed with your team

Rehiring for the same roles over and over trying to find even a DECENT ‘fit’

Plain and simple, it’s not uncommon for the average staffing agency or random freelancer to promise the world and earn the trust of an agency owner…

Only to leave them hanging out to dry during crunch time.

This is just unacceptable for hardworking agency owners who find themselves needing a few extra qualified hands. The usual resources just weren’t cutting it…

And it seemed like there wasn’t a ‘better’ way to do this. That’s why we created Agency Sidekicks.

We know we're good. But don’t take our word for it… Here it is, straight from our happy clients

What You GetThe Agency Sidekicks “Tripod System”

With Sidekicks, not only do you get a dedicated Marketing Assistant, you also get a Marketing Team Leader and Client Success Manager as a part of the package :

#1 - Dedicated Marketing Assistant - Vetted, trained, supported, and managed member of your team

Above all, we prioritize making sure your assistants can integrate seamlessly into your team.

Sidekicks are meticulously selected before entering our inhouse training program. There our agency veterans provide hands-on training on marketing best practices, industry tech, problem solving, productivity/efficiency, communication, and more.

This training doesn’t stop once they’ve been placed onto your team, either...

Every sidekick attends 2+ paid (by us, not you) continuing education classes per week to keep them up to date with the evolution of the marketing industry.

We make it a point to help them progressively level up their productivity, efficiency, and communication skills in these training sessions as well (there’s a reason we mention this twice - it’s imperative).

This emphasis on emotional support and fostering genuine human-to-human relationships is our secret to Sidekick retention and high quality output that frees up your time and puts more money in your pocket.

#2 - Marketing Team Leader - Done-for-you, full-service marketing support for your assistant

One of the biggest challenges we see when marketing teams hire offshore resources is having to hold their hands to get them up to speed (and keep them there). When you’re busy running a business, you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time on:

  • Constantly answering “newbie” questions
  • Having to keep an eye on them like a babysitter
  • Helping them get unstuck on everyday tasks that shouldn’t be an issue

Time is money, and protecting yours is very important to us. So while all of our sidekicks are trained beyond needing regular support or elementary explanations…

That’s why we pair Sidekics with a dedicated Marketing Team Leader. These experts all have 3-5 years of “in the trenches” experience working within our own agencies, and the “big brother / big sister” dynamic they have with our top Sidekicks provides a HUGE ROI for your agency.

Basically, we solve their problems and answer their questions so you don’t have to.

#3 - Client Success Manager - Optimizing your experience from day one

The extensive next-level support we give our Sidekicks applies to you, too. You’ll work directly with your Sidekick, but you always have the support of our full team.

As a member of the Agency Sidekicks family you’ll get a dedicated Client Success Manager who works in your timezone, speaks perfect English, and is there to help you with anything you need.

They’ll help you level up your Sidekick, address priority learning with our training team, and make sure any issues you experience are nipped in the bud so you don’t have to think twice about them.

Have questions about what to hand off to your Sidekick or how? They’re always a quick email or Slack message away.

More SOPs than you’ll know what to do with

As a member of the Agency Sidekicks community, your marketing assistants get access to our massive marketing SOP library. It currently contains hundreds of up to date SOPs and we’re creating new SOPs/improving current documentation every day.

Your Sidekick can create SOPs for you

While our SOP library is far and away the largest collection of marketing SOPs you’ll ever come across, you’ll probably need some of your own. After all, it’s great to have your own library and every team does things a bit differently.

We have a foolproof process for creating SOPs, so your Sidekick can create your internal documentation as they work through their task list.

What Your Agency Sidekicks Can Do

With our training and support your Sidekicks can do far more than the average virtual assistant, and do it right. All without your supervision or needing to spend hours teaching, explaining, and re-teaching. Hover over the logos below to see a small sample of the tasks they can take off your team’s plate (we’re adding to this list every day).

If your agency is using more than 3 of these platforms consistently, you’re leaving money on the table.

Bold claim, right? But here’s the thing.

Even though these powerful platforms cost millions of dollars to create, are constantly being optimized and improved to maximize efficiency, and offer nearly endless potential for agencies to work ‘smarter, not harder’...

Almost nobody is using these tools to their full potential (via hyper-effective delegation).

So they spend most of their time working IN the business, instead of growing it. This is the uglier side of running a successful digital marketing agency that most people don’t talk about:

Working well over 40 hours a week

Always on high alert for trouble with daily operations

Spending nights and weekends ‘on call’

When it feels like you’re sprinting in circles just to keep your clients at a baseline of satisfaction, burnout is inevitable. It’s at this point when most people decide to hire a traditional virtual assistant or two so they can delegate the drudgery and reclaim their time (and their sanity).

But as you may know from experience, bringing in new people to help carry the load can be even more stressful than juggling the work yourself. Until now...

Agency Sidekicks VS Everyone Else

What you get with a freelancer site

  • Looking for a needle in a haystack
  • Freelance “soloprenuers” charging twice the going rate
  • Reliability, performance, and accountability are often optional
  • Zero on-the-job support
  • Zero account management
  • Fees that don’t benefit you or the freelancer
  • Clumsy, interview, hire, fire, interview, rehire cycle

What you get with a staffing agency

  • Wide fluctuation in skill levels
  • Mandatory monthly salaries
  • Hefty onboarding/placement fees
  • Clumsy, interview, hire, fire, interview, rehire cycle
  • Zero on-the-job support
  • Limited email communication in offshore timezones
  • The process starts all over when it comes time to scale

What you get with AgencySidekicks

  • Trained for agency owners by agency owners
  • Expert, seasoned support team at their side
  • SOPs for hundreds of tasks that you don’t have to create
  • Ongoing training to keep them improving in all areas
  • US account managers always have your back
  • Classes on marketing industry updates
  • Membership bonuses And much more...

Here’s exactly how it all works

When you work with us, you only pay for what you need - not a penny more.

Most formal staffing agencies (the other guys) require you to take on full-time salaries with ridiculous minimum requirements, charging you a hefty onboarding fee in the process (often saddling you with inferior, overly-entitled staff).

Freelancer sites often point you towards overpriced “solopreneurs” who charge 2x the going rate and think accountability and professionalism are optional.

On the flip side, we know you’ll be around for the long term once you see what’s possible with a more authentic approach.

That’s why our pricing is so fair, flexible, and transparent.

Simple Pricing


Per Hour

  • No commitment
  • Money back guarantee
  • 15/hr per week minimum
  • US-based account management
  • Weekly billing
  • Ongoing support
  • Unlimited hires
  • New bonuses added regularly
  • Templates access
  • SOP library access
  • Weekly trainings
  • Members area access

Our Triple-Strength Money Back Guarantee


Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that you won’t find better offshore team members for a better price anywhere, period. If you do, you’re entitled to your most recent billing cycle refunded in full - as well as the option of a replacement within 72 hours.


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with something, we’ll make it right. If we can’t make it right, you’re entitled to your most recent billing cycle refunded in full with no further questions asked.


Consistency Guarantee

If you’re not seeing consistent, measurable progress with your Sidekicks or your bottom line from having worked with us, you’re (you guessed it!) entitled to your most recent billing cycle refunded in full. scream-man It’s never bee

It’s never been easier to start scaling the right way

The marketing industry is more saturated and competitive than ever.

Agency Sidekicks allow you to establish uncommonly strong economics and give your organization a tremendous competitive advantage.

The rest of the world will be catching up to these offshore staffing strategies within the next few years, but this is your chance to get out WAY ahead of the competition…

Utilizing our truly done-FOR-you framework is guaranteed to be a force multiplier for your operations (and your profits). Even when the rest of the market catches up, the level of support available here will be extremely rare.

That means you and your team can reap the benefits before anyone else even enters the race, and can easily continue running laps around your competition for years to come.

You're already a hero. It's time you had a sidekick (or several) at your side. Take back your time, focus on what matters, scale the right way.
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